Training for Carers/ Social Workers/ Nurses

Training for Carers/ Social Workers/ Nurses

The Foundation provides in-house consultative training for family caregivers and professional carers, on a one-to-one basis.
Periodic workshops are conducted as well. 

Workshop on dementia care nursing skills
In December 2015 LAF, in partnership with UK-based non-governmental organisation Unity in Health (UiH), conducted a workshop for nursing staff working in Colombo on dementia care nursing skills.

Facilitated by Patricia Charters (UiH, Clinical Psychologist), João Marçal-Grilo (UiH, Dementia Care Nurse) and Malika Fernando (University of Kelanya, Phd Student – Nutrition in Dementia), the workshop covered key aspects pertinent to all of those caring and supporting people living with dementia in hospital environments. Speakers and participants discussed best nursing practice in dementia care, reflected on ways to improve services and the experience of those affected by dementia whilst hospitalised, and explored best ways to move forward for the benefit of both healthcare staff and service users.

The workshop was opened to nurses working in both governmental and private hospitals. Those who attended were mostly health care staff working at the National Institute of Mental Health.

LAF together with Unity in Health is hoping to continue facilitating similar initiatives in the New Year. For those interested in registering on future workshops or similar events please contact the Lanka Alzheimer’s Foundation on 2667080/82.

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