In August 2021, LAF began a strategic planning exercise resulting in a strategic plan for the next five years 2022—2026. LAF thanks Strategic Inspirations for providing the consultancy service to facilitate this process and the WHO Sri Lanka for financially supporting this initiative.

Dementia rages as a silent epidemic in Sri Lanka. With people living longer as the Sri Lankan life expectancy is 75 to 80 years, the probability of getting dementia and Alzheimer’s disease is greater. The covid pandemic has also had a devastating effect on persons with dementia and their carers. In this light, greater interventions are desired to create awareness for a better understanding of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease and reducing the risk therefrom while addressing the health and well-being of persons with dementia and their carers.
The End-Goal of our strategic journey is to establish : ‘A dementia-friendly country that will maximise the ability of people with dementia to live a meaningful and dignified life, through early detection, risk reduction, and community awareness, and ensure families and carers have the necessary support and resources for wellbeing’.
LAF’s strategic goal will focus on 03 Main Themes:
1. Health & Wellbeing of Persons with Dementia: Where needs of people with Dementia are met from diagnosis to end of life with early access to suitable care, services and treatment.

2. Wellbeing of Carers: Carers (family and paid) needs are met creating a better quality of life for the Carer.

3. Dementia Risk Reduction & Community Awareness: Create awareness in the community and prevent the onset of Dementia.
These themes are centered around LAF’s organizational end-goal, and will form the cornerstones of Dementia Friendly Communities(DFC), a culture that LAF wishes to inculcate in local communities in which people living with dementia and their carers are empowered, supported and included in society to realise their full potential. Furthermore, LAF intends to initiate a DFC as a pilot project in Galle. The value drivers namely Quality, Respect and Dignity ensure the various dimensions in implementing LAF’s programmes.
a) Quality refers to the quality of care and access to LAF’s services to improve the quality of life for people with dementia and their Carers.

b) Respect and Dignity implies respecting the individuality of persons with dementia as an approach to dementia care, whilst providing the care and support persons with dementia need with dignity and respect
This is set out in the revised Theory of Change document given below.

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